Welcome to the Pickled Ginger

Eagerly anticipating my first hot sip of gourmet coffee, I bounce out of bed and throw on my cute little yoga pants and sports bra, determined to squeeze in a quick intense workout before whipping up a delicious homemade breakfast to nourish my husband and children before seeing them off to school and work.  Upon hopping in the shower to wash off the joyful morning chaos, I indulge myself with a moment to appreciate the fragrant lather of my luxury soaps and meditate on the day's tasks ahead.  Awake and fresh, my hands finally warmed around a mug of my favorite dark aromatic brew, I fire up...


Silver Lining

Hello All.  I apologize for staying away so long and it is with renewed vigor that I take this moment to make contact with my readers and thank you for the emails I've received asking after my whereabouts.  I will admit it has been a stressful few months but things are calming down and hopefully I will be better at carving out more time for my blog. Read more... about Silver Lining


Charging for Your VA (Or Any Other) Services

For a few years, a sizable portion of my income while working from home was made as a VA (virtual assistant).  While I did well and worked with some wonderful individuals (partners as well as clients), I soon became dispassionate about my work.  I was stubborn and slow to accept and learn about blogging as an important facet of running a successful business and I was overwhelmed by social media in general.  I'm not as stubborn as I formerly was regarding these common business tools, and while I still have so much learn about them, I am genuinely making the effort. Read more... about Charging for Your VA (Or Any Other) Services

Just Say No

Just say no

Far from simply being the 1980’s advertising campaign in the U.S. War on Drugs (yeah, I know, I'm totally dating myself here), “Just Say No” has become a personal mantra for me, from dealings with over-entitled friends and family to pushy salespersons and more recently, clients.  While the idea has held for decades that the client is always right, a new perspective with a hefty dose of logic has wandered onto the business scene. Read more... about Just Say No